Interview with MR Solutions

Interview with MR Solutions

Iberian Chapter Interview with MR Solutions Representative

Nuria (Iberian Chapter): Today we are going to talk with Fabrice, the representative of MR Solutions in our third Iberian Chapter annual meeting. Can you please give us an introduction to us about the MR Solutions company?

Fabrice (MR Solutions) : Thank you Nuria for your kind welcoming. MR Solutions is a company manufacturing MRI, PET, SPECT and CT. We are focused on developing magnets without helium or any cryogen, we call them “dry magnets” because we don’t need to refill with helium and nitrogen, which allows us to keep the magnet very compact, very small. This is the main advantage of our company. MR Solutions started around 12 years ago with this technology. We are now market leaders on the cryogen-free magnets. We are very successful; the company is doing well. We have many users across the world. This means a lot of installations, covering many kinds of applications from oncology in Europe. We are quite strong in all applications.

Nuria (Iberian Chapter): You are a person with many links with Iberia. You have some systems in the north of Europe… but what about your systems in Portugal and Spain?

Fabrice (MR Solutions): Regarding systems in Portugal, we have installations in Braga since 2016. We have a 3T magnet, at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL). And then, in Spain we have several sites now. We have installed an MRI and a PET/CT in Valencia. They have the PET CLIP-ON technology; therefore they can use the PET scanner independently on the MR or on the CT. This is very flexible. Soon, we will install a new system in Madrid, in Alberto Sols Institute: a rampable 3T-7T PET/MRI: a large bore cryogen-free dry magnet allowing simultaneous PET/MR on whole body rodents. The system is also rampable and permits translational imaging at lower field too.

Nuria (Iberian Chapter): Last but not least… what do you think about the Iberian chapter meeting and the community?

Fabrice (MR Solutions): For us it was important to attend this exhibition but mostly to be part of the Iberian ISMRM chapter. I think it’s probably one of the friendliest communities. The meeting has been very well done and organized. People are friendly and we feel that we are a valued contributor to this conference and that the organizers and Chapter committee put a lot of effort into promoting the company. So, we feel it’s a great investment to be here.

Nuria (Iberian Chapter): Thank you very much Fabrice for dedicating us your time, and we hope to see you next year in the meeting.
Fabrice (MR Solutions): Thank you Nuria, for sure we will see each other next year.