Iberians Around the World

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Iberians Around the World

MR Structural Quantitative Imaging

  • Radboud University. Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
  • The MR Structural Quantitative Imaging lab aims are to develop new strategies to acquire high resolution and informative quantitative MRI; and to understand the contrast mechanisms that give rise to the observed relaxation and electromagnetic contrasts in brain tissues.
  • Main research topics: Relaxometry acquisition & reconstruction, QSM, MWI
  • Contact: Jose Pedro Marques, jose.marques at donders.ru.nl
  • Website: https://www.ru.nl/en/people/rebelo-ferreira-marques-j/
  • Twitter: @Jose_P_Marques

Quantitative Imaging Methods Lab

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • The Quantitative Imaging Methods Lab develops new techniques, particularly for quantitative body MRI, and works with physicists, engineers, basic scientists, and clinicians, to validate and apply these techniques.
  • Main research topics: quantitative, diffusion, susceptibility, iron, fat
  • Contact: Diego Hernando, dhernando at wisc.edu
  • Website: https://qiml.radiology.wisc.edu/
  • Twitter: @dherarr

NeuroPoly Lab

  • Polytechnique Montreal. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • NeuroPoly is a research laboratory that is co-directed by 4 principal investigators that specialize in neuroimaging. We develop advanced MRI image acquisition and analysis methods for brain and spinal cord imaging at 3 T and 7 T.
  • Main research topics: B0 mapping, shimming, UHF, quantitative MRI, open-science
  • Contact: Eva Alonso Ortiz, eva.alonso-ortiz at polymtl.ca
  • Website: https://qiml.radiology.wihttps://neuro.polymtl.ca/sc.edu/
  • Twitter: @PolyNeuro